Topsoil Suppliers in Orpington | Grab Hire, Aggregates and Concrete Production

Concrete is one of the most versatile and widely used building materials in the world. From sub-bases for driveway and patio installations, to the foundations of the home that you live in, construction companies use it for almost any project. If you use grab hire and muck away services for clearing the spoil from demolitions or earthworks, there is a good chance that concrete removal is one of your clearance needs.

We collect concrete from Orpington in a grab lorry and take it back to our plant in Tunbridge Wells for processing. We also use our grab hire fleet to deliver secondary materials to you as local aggregate and topsoil suppliers.

Using concrete crushing machinery, we recycle the materials derived from grab hire and muck away services in Orpington into secondary aggregates. These are suitable for a wide range of uses and are perfect for concrete. Primary or secondary, aggregates play an integral role in concrete production.

Aggregates collected by a grab lorry from demolitions and earthworks make up 80% of concrete’s weight and 60% of its volume. While some believe they are only fillers, concrete’s properties mainly come down to the presence of aggregates.

We deliver secondary materials to you as aggregate and topsoil suppliers and some of these properties include:


While cement is the most expensive element of a concrete mix, aggregate is the cheapest. Therefore, the more aggregate you use, the more that you lower the cost of concrete production. Furthermore, by using us as secondary aggregate and topsoil suppliers instead of buying primary materials at a much higher price, you lower the overall cost of concrete even more. Our grab hire services include prompt delivery to your site.

Materials taken away by our grab lorry after demolition and muck away projects in Orpington also reduce the environmental impact of quarrying for primary aggregates.


WHW Services Ltd is not just a grab hire company. We are also aggregate and topsoil suppliers specialising in the delivery of a wide range of secondary materials. We understand that using different textures of aggregate will affect the workability of a concrete mix. Materials processed by concrete crushing machinery will be more angular and more inconsistent than natural materials such as sand and gravel.

Recycled aggregates from demolition and muck away projects in Orpington require you to use more cement for a workable concrete mix but they still have an impressive surface-to-volume ratio and excellent bonding attributes.

Visual Appeal

Certain construction projects require aesthetic appeal as well as practicality. In such cases, builders will usually opt for exposed aggregate concrete. They create this mix by only using aggregates which have the shape, colour and texture needed to capture a perfect appearance. Natural stones, like marble, granite, limestone, basalt and quartz, are by far the best options for this type of premium concrete mix.

Natural stone is more expensive than material sourced through demolition and muck away work by our grab hire company.      

Volume Stability

Aggregates improve the volume stability of a hardened concrete mix. In recognition of this, many construction companies in Orpington come to us for concrete crusher hire instead of using a grab lorry for removal. This is done so they can process concrete and other building materials into secondary aggregates onsite. Recycling material saves them from having to order and pay for aggregates to make fresh concrete.  

We can still deliver materials should you wish to use us as an aggregate and topsoil supplier. Primary or secondary, WHW Services Ltd is the only grab hire company you’ll ever need.

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