Demolition, Grab Hire and Muck Away in Bromley | Aggregate and Topsoil Recycling

WHW Services Ltd is committed to the delivery of eco-friendly waste management. That’s why we offer a complete demolition, grab hire and muck away service. If you have a building or construction project underway in the Bromley area, you can use a grab lorry from our fleet to remove aggregates for crushing at our site in Royal Tunbridge Wells. We also provide concrete crusher hire services and, if you need to buy materials, we are secondary aggregate and topsoil suppliers too.

Enjoy the many benefits of having recycled materials bought to site. There are key aspects to aggregate and topsoil recycling and, of course, various uses for secondary materials.

Below, you will find information that outlines everything you need to know about the recycling process.

How are Aggregates Recycled?

The first step to recycling aggregates is clearing waste from Bromley sites. We undertake demolition and muck away work using grab hire vehicles. A grab lorry is the easiest way to load and transport large volumes of waste. We recycle concrete using specialist crushing machinery. The jaws and impactors break aggregates down before we screen it onsite and separate the bulk of useful material from smaller pieces of debris.

If necessary, we use water flotation, magnets and separators to remove further contamination.

WHW Services Ltd crushes concrete to create material which we then sell in our capacity as aggregate and topsoil suppliers. We also offer a concrete crusher hire service so that you can process materials onsite for your own secondary use.

Uses for Recycled Aggregates

Customers in Bromley and the surrounding areas use crushed concrete for a range of applications. Because concrete has such good porosity, you can use it in the construction of pathways, driveways and patios. Concrete can also be turned into a secondary aggregate and used as a sub-base, either for hard landscaping or for civil engineering installations. Grab hire and muck away work provides us with an endless supply.

This is how we can offer you the dual services of a waste management company, and of aggregate and topsoil suppliers.

Demolitions and strip-outs are our main sources of secondary aggregates. More building and construction companies than ever before are now using a grab lorry as an alternative to skips for the removal of inert, non-inert and non-hazardous waste.

Benefits of Aggregate Recycling

Are you wondering if you should bother recycling aggregates from a demolition, building or construction project in Bromley? Would it be easier to just use a grab hire or muck away service and then order in aggregates as needed? Take the time to consider your options, to inform yourself of what will work for your company, and to understand what probably won’t.

If you need a grab lorry, we can help, but you can process waste materials yourself if you use the right equipment.

There are various benefits to recycling aggregates.

If you work in construction, you should always try to minimise your environmental impact. Concrete recycling is just one way you can achieve this. As well as reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill, recycled concrete replaces the need for primary aggregates. This reduces the effect of your project on the surrounding environment and on local ecosystems.

With concrete crusher hire, you can crush concrete onsite for use on your current project or for future jobs in Bromley.

The team at WHW Services Ltd is happy to help with enquiries about demolition, grab hire and muck away work. We also welcome calls about material deliveries should you wish to use us as your preferred aggregate and topsoil suppliers.

We make deliveries with a grab lorry that can unload bags and position them exactly where you want them.

Call 07949 375431 for demolition, grab hire and muck away services in Bromley.