Skip Hire vs Grab Hire in Sevenoaks | Which is the Best Option for Rubbish Clearance and Concrete Removal?

With over 50 years of combined experience in the waste management industry, the personnel at WHW Services Ltd have carried out countless removals throughout the South East. From clearing demolition sites to collecting domestic and garden waste, there’s no job too small or too big for us to handle. Our fleet of grab lorries enables us to undertake all manner of projects. We also offer concrete crusher hire and aggregate deliveries, for a truly comprehensive service.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, our grab lorry operatives serve domestic, commercial and industrial clients in places like Sevenoaks.

From tackling domestic rubbish clearances to undertaking concrete removal from demolition sites, we believe that grab hire is the superior choice over skip hire. This page lists 10 reasons why we believe our grab lorries are the best option for your waste removal and construction needs.

  1. With grab lorries ranging from 7.5 to 26 tonnes, we can clear away far more than any skip. By comparison, the average 12-yard domestic skip only has a carrying capacity of 8 tonnes.
  2. When dealing with construction sites around Sevenoaks, we often encounter large amounts of rubble, concrete and other building materials. Thanks to our concrete crusher hire service, you can break these materials down into secondary aggregates, suitable for a range of construction purposes.
  3. A heavy skip can damage lawns, patios and driveways, especially when full. The hydraulic arm of our grab hire trucks, however, means that we can perform rubbish clearances from the roadside.
  4. Clearing away demolition sites with skip hire would take weeks. Our grab lorries make rubble and concrete removal a piece of cake. The hydraulic grab arm does all the work for you, saving you the time and effort of loading a skip yourself.
  5. In addition to carrying out site clearances around Sevenoaks and offering concrete crusher hire, we also deliver aggregates. We can drop off whatever building materials you require at the same time as performing muck away and site clearances, for your convenience.
  6. Although some skip hire companies offer a wait-and-load service, others insist on a minimum hire duration of 2-7 days. Keeping a skip on site whilst undertaking rubbish clearance can be a real eyesore and may restrict access. With grab hire, you can clear demolition and construction sites on a same-day basis.
  7. With skip hire, you have to ensure you get the right size to tackle a specific material. While you may believe a large skip is the best option for dealing with soil or concrete removal, these heavy materials will make it impossible to lift the skip and take it away. You would, therefore, need to hire several smaller skips for this particular job. On the other hand, our grab lorries tackle any and all materials at once.
  8. Delivering a skip to sites in Sevenoaks with limited access is almost impossible. Our hydraulic grab arms can reach over fences, hedging and walls to clear awkward areas with ease.
  9. Having to hire multiple skips of varying sizes for demolition clearances or domestic garden projects, for example, can be costly and time consuming.
  10. Filling a skip by yourself can be dangerous. Our fully trained grab lorry operatives reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage, by carrying out waste removals on your behalf.

Call us on 07562 766957 for grab hire services to deal with concrete removal and rubbish clearances around Sevenoaks. We also specialise in demolition and offer concrete crusher hire.