Rubbish Clearance in Tunbridge Wells | The Importance of Site Waste Management Plans

Are you a builder, developer or landscaper in Tunbridge Wells? Find out why you should choose professional waste management solutions for your projects. As well as offering cost-effective services to managing your waste, we help you minimise your impact on the environment. Whether you need grab hire for clearing large amounts of construction waste, rubbish clearance for a domestic property or concrete removal for a demolition project, we deliver effective Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs). For the most eco-friendly projects, we even offer concrete crusher hire.

By dealing with waste in the most effective way, we reduce potential environmental harm and give you complete peace of mind knowing that we are disposing of materials using the most suitable methods and licenced landfills.

What is a SWMP?

Drawn up before construction or demolition begins, Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) estimate the different types and amounts of waste your project will produce. There are 3 main aims of SWMPs:

Improve Efficiency and Costs

It is more expensive to dispose of large amounts of waste in landfill. This also takes more time than other rubbish clearance options. Reusing, recycling and recovering materials helps to cut these costs as well as improving the sustainability of your project in Tunbridge Wells.

For example, following concrete removal, we crush concrete at our site in Kent for reuse in future construction. We also offer concrete crusher hire so customers can process their own waste materials on site.

Using grab hire vehicles, we minimise the time it takes to clear your construction or demolition site, ensuring your project continues to run as efficiently as possible.

Reduce Fly-Tipping

Fly-tipping costs local authorities large amounts of time and money. As well as being an eyesore, this waste can have a negative effect on the environment. Consequently, the government can issue heavy fines and even prison sentences for those caught fly -tipping.

This highlights the importance of ensuring rubbish clearance complies with regulations. As part of an SWMP, we keep an audit of the waste produced and removed from your site in Tunbridge Wells. Our grab hire vehicles can handle all kinds of inert and non-hazardous waste. No matter your requirements, we have the solution.

WHW Services Ltd also makes sure all materials reach a licenced disposal facility. In the case of concrete removals, we recycle as much material as possible at our own yard. To minimise disposal and material fees, as well as your environmental impact, we recommend concrete crusher hire. This allows you to recycle waste concrete on site for use as a sub-base or in other applications.

Promote Environmental Issues

SWMPs place environmental concerns at the heart of construction and demolition projects. As such, by ensuring a proper waste management plan is in place, you promote best practice waste disposal throughout your company or team in Tunbridge Wells. This has a positive effect on your staff and the presentation of your services to your clients.

For further advice and information regarding SWMPs, including concrete crusher hire in Tunbridge Wells, contact WHW Services Ltd today on 07562 766957.