Demolition in Tunbridge Wells | What Can a SWMP and a Grab Lorry Do for You?

Are you a builder, a developer or a landscaper in Tunbridge Wells or the South East? Find out why you should choose professional waste management for your projects. As well as offering services to help manage your waste, we also minimise your impact on the environment. If you need grab hire for clearing construction waste, or muck away services for demolitions or earthworks, you will need a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP). 

We can supply a grab lorry to clear your site of materials or fulfil our role as aggregate and topsoil suppliers. Contact us to find out more.

By dealing with waste in the most efficient way, we reduce the potential for environmental harm. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we can dispose of materials from grab hire and muck away projects in Tunbridge Wells using the most suitable methods and only taking waste to landfill as a last resort.

What is a SWMP?

Drawn up before demolitions or earthworks begin, Site Waste Management Plans estimate the different types and amounts of waste a project will produce. We can help by supplying your job with a grab lorry, but there are other things for you to consider as a main contractor and for us to think about as local waste management specialists and topsoil suppliers.

There are 3 main aims of SWMPs:

Improving Efficiency and Costs

It costs more to dispose of large volumes of waste at landfill sites. It also takes more time than other rubbish clearance methods. Recovering and recycling material helps to cut costs and makes projects in Tunbridge Wells more sustainable. As an example, following a demolition, we can crush concrete onsite for you to use on future construction or landscaping jobs.

Alternatively, we can remove the material as part of our grab hire and muck away services and then recycle it at our yard. 

We also offer concrete crusher hire direct to customers so they can process their own waste. A grab lorry minimises the time it takes to clear waste from demolitions and earthworks so that your projects run safely and more efficiently.

Stopping Fly Tipping

Fly tipping costs your local authority a huge amount of time and money each year. As well as being an eyesore, dumped waste can have a negative effect on the environment. Consequently, the government issues heavy fines and even prison sentences for those caught fly tipping. This highlights the importance of regulatory compliance. Is it worth the risk when you have a combined grab hire and muck away service to hand?

As part of an SWMP, we keep an audit of waste produced and removed from sites in Tunbridge Wells. A grab lorry can handle all kinds of inert and non-hazardous waste, and it can also drop off secondary building materials should you ever need to use us as aggregate and topsoil suppliers. 

WHW Services Ltd makes sure all materials derived from waste clearances, demolitions and earthworks undergo recycling or reach a licenced disposal facility. In the case of concrete removal, we recycle at our own yard. To minimise disposal and material fees, as well as your own environmental impact, we recommend that you consider concrete crusher hire. This allows you to recycle concrete on site to use again in the future.

Raising Environmental Awareness

SWMPs make the environment the central focus of construction and demolition projects. By having a waste management plan in place, you raise awareness about sustainability throughout your company. This has a positive impact on staff and on clients who may have an interest in your services. When your prospects see a grab lorry at your Tunbridge Wells premises, they will know you have a strong ethos on environmental care.

Consider how grab hire and muck away services clear spoil from demolitions and earthworks using less plant (and less fuel) compared to having skips delivered several times a week.

Add in that we attain recycling rates above 90% by covering Tunbridge Wells as secondary aggregate and topsoil suppliers, and it’s safe to say that WHW Services Ltd is a trusted local partner that can comfortably help you reach your SWMP goals.

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