Topsoil Suppliers in Dartford | The Manufacture and Use of Aggregates

WHW Services Ltd is a demolition and grab hire company that doubles up as aggregate and topsoil suppliers. With services available at competitive prices, and with more than 50 years of combined experience in the waste management sector, we specialise in a wide range of services. From rubbish and waste clearances, to concrete removal and muck away, we have the knowledge needed to handle any task, no matter how complex.

We also offer concrete crusher hire services for domestic, commercial and industrial customers in and around Dartford. This machinery comes in handy for the manufacture of aggregates and topsoil, and particularly for MOT Type 1.

This is a material commonly used in building, construction and hard landscaping, and one that we can deliver to projects in the Dartford area using a grab lorry. This is a fleet vehicle that has a hydraulic reach arm and grab bucket. The reach arm helps us to drop off bags of aggregate and topsoil. Suppliers like WHW Services Ltd stock a range of secondary materials.

What is MOT Type 1?

With surfacing and highway work, the Department of Transport standardises 3 different aggregates. These are MOT Types 1, 2 and 3. While each classification is suitable for use as a sub-base, each one has slightly different properties. When they process materials derived from demolition and muck away services, grab hire companies will break down materials like limestone, concrete and granite into smaller pieces.

Using waste recovered from demolitions and clearances in the Dartford area can offset the impact of quarrying. However, recycled aggregates must comply with clause 803 of the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works.

As aggregate and topsoil suppliers, we deliver MOT Type 1 by grab lorry to construction, civil engineering and hard landscaping companies throughout Kent and the South East region.  Thanks to its impressive load-bearing capacity, and the fact it compacts easily, MOT Type 1 has a range of uses.

Property Development

We’re more than just a grab hire company. WHW Services Ltd also plays an important role in the construction sector. Our services include the removal of rubble from demolitions and muck away operations to support earthworks ahead of developing land. We can also deliver secondary materials, like MOT Type 1 and topsoil. Suppliers will make deliveries with a grab lorry.

Customers in Dartford use aggregates in foundations and sub-bases, and topsoil to enrich their landscaping themes.

Patios and Driveways

As experts in demolition and concrete removal, we take away uplifted materials from old driveways and patios in no time at all. Through our concrete crusher hire service, customers can recycle materials onsite to create their own MOT Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3. MOT Type 1 is more suited to the installation of SUDS compliant sub-bases for hard landscaping features.

You can, of course, purchase secondary materials directly from us in our capacity of aggregate and topsoil suppliers.

Roads and Motorways

Roadwork contractors throughout the UK use MOT Type 1 because of its ability to withstand heavy loads. Pouring tarmac or asphalt on this kind of aggregate helps roads and motorways to handle frequent heavy traffic. Some of the roads we travel along when carrying out demolition, grab hire and muck away services in Dartford have a base made from this material.

In fact, the next time you see a WHW Services Ltd grab lorry out on the road, it could be delivering aggregates to a job.

Public Pavements

Using concrete crusher hire machinery to create MOT Type 1 results in the perfect aggregate for paving contractors. Some materials expand or contract when temperatures change. Heavy rainfall followed by frost can cause paving surfaces to crack. Gaps between the stone in MOT Type 1 allow for expansion and contraction, which helps eliminate cracking in the surface.

It’s amazing to think that the ground under your feet could have a sub-base made from aggregates that we supplied.

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